Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[Short Review] Takedown, by Sierra Riley

by: Sierra Riley


Three years ago, Mitchell Keane's marriage was called off when his close friend Luke thought he spotted Mitchell cheating on his wife-to-be in a gay club. Mitchell fled to a new life as a New York City realtor rather than defend himself against the rumors flying around his small Nebraskan hometown. After all, Luke accidentally got the gay part right. Since his abrupt outing, Mitchell's been too wound-up to even date until he's forced back home.

Luke Hanson never forgave himself. Low lighting, one too many drinks, and an overactive conscience led to a terrible mistake. Luke tamped down his feelings and threw himself into his career instead. All Luke wants now is a white picket fence and a career as an MMA fighter. Then his trainer, Hugh, tells him Mitchell is coming back to town for two weeks... to sell the gym, after the death of Mitchell's uncle, gym owner Toby.

Luke convinces Mitchell to let him run the gym rather than sell it on the spot. But Mitchell's parents can't accept who Mitchell is, and Luke's future rides on winning his first big promotional fight. With a ticking clock, hothead Luke has to finish things... but hopefully not with Mitchell. Does a small town MMA fighter even have a chance with a high-powered realtor in backwater Nebraska?
These type of stories will be the end of me! I swear. I think that reading all this romance will affect my future love life. I think I'll have high expectations. Because these two had me at "hey".

After the death of Mitchell's uncle, he was left with the gym in a small town called Beatrice in Nebraska. He, a realtor from New York, has issues about coming back. First, because he escaped after all the town learned he was gay. Second, because he is really comfortable in his west state. Third and last, because he has to confront Luke. Luke is basically who runs the gym after Toby's death. Clashing with the fact of confronting Mitchell again and that he may sell the gym has him in knots. But when these two finally see each other, sparks fly and tension builds every second. 

Mitchell and Luke's relationship is a little bit unusual. And all the town has rumors around them. Mitchell doesn't want much to do with such rumors, but Luke has something that he doesn't want to look away. I don't actually like MMA fighting because all the blood and that, but I have to admit that reading it has my blood pumping to know which one throws which punch. These two have really hot scenes before and after the fights, so you should be expecting something good.

I loved the book, but I keep telling myself that something is amiss. I cannot pinpoint what, and I guess is the fact that I didn't read an actual future of them and not good enough epilogue for me. I always like more, so... whatever. Read me later!

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