Saturday, February 24, 2018

[Review] Butterfly, by: Cambria Hebert

Public Enemy #1


by: Cambria Hebert
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2017
Read Date: February 24th, 2018
Genre: Romance, Music, College, New Adult
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 296


Drunken brawls. One-night stands.
No-show interviews. Toilet-papering my hoity-toity neighbor's house.
Insulting my fans. Trashing hotel rooms.
What's it take to become public enemy number one?
I just told you.
I've done all that and more.
My poor conduct got me on the Celebs Behaving Badly list
and ultimately ruined my career.
From the world's number-one popstar to world's most hated.
That's me. Ten Stark.
Go underground, they said. Stay out of the spotlight.
Most importantly, stay out of trouble.
Everyone loves a good comeback story.
For once, I listened.
I met someone who didn't know my name,
my face, or the bad behavior that defined me.
She taught me I wasn't who everyone thought I was--everyone including me.
Then someone whispered my name and things got messy, as they always do.
Now I want her back.
I'm not a caterpillar, but a butterfly.
My wings are in full color, not just black and white.
But first, I have to shed my cocoon and fly.

my rate

Cambria Hebert is the authors of one of the series that I can't get enough even though is done and everyone had their happy ending (Hashtag/GearShark series), so I keep rereading them. It was time for me to move on and read newer stuff she was coming out with. I regret nothing. I love how she writes her characters, so I fell in love with Stark from page 1.

Reading a story about a celebrity might not be something I would be into, but reading about this guy who is a fuck up and this girl changes him completely.... that, I am into. Stark is a jerk, but a good one. Violet is an under the radar girl that loves what she's studying, art. These two cannot be more for each other because that's impossible and even then, they are more perfect for each other. Art is something that connects them, but their lives are not easy.

Stark lied. Well, he hid the truth. But he was still himself. Violet struggles every day with an invisible sickness (most of the time invisible). But he made her feel stronger than before. She made him feel the real him, not Ten, but the real Stark. They were good for each other, so the happy ending was a given. Now, it was too fast. I wanted more happiness, but I'm content that I might see more of them in the upcoming books.

I have to admit that I liked this changed. I mean the change from a football/sports series to a celebrity/music one. I will always love how Cambria makes her male characters grovel, so I'll always read them. My favorite part is when the boys are possessive af, I just love it. The best plot twist was when she was also like that. The real touch was her having the disease, RA. It brought the most human part of this famous celebrity to come out and it made the whole story for "real" for the lack of words.

Overall, I loved the story and I can't wait for more of whatever Cambria wants to write.

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