Saturday, February 17, 2018

Book to Movie [8]: Fifty Shades Freed


[book - movie]

Author: EL James
Published: 2012
Read: Summer 2013
Pages: 579

Director: James Foley
Released: February 2018
Seen: February 10th, 2018
Duration: 1h 45min

For someone who loved the book a little too much, I add to say my piece about the end of this series of movies. I haven't talked at all about these and I think I need to. I will refrain anything about the first two because they were good. Better than expected, but the last one... I wished for more.

Freed is the end. Is how everything ends well and leaves you with a satisfactory smile at the last page of the epilogue. I have to admit that the movie leaves you with the same smile, but again, I wanted more before the actual end came. I feel like so many details, good details were left out and it pains me.

I'll tell you an example that jumps a lot in my mind after seeing the movie. In the part when Ana is at the bank trying to get the money for Jack, there's a moment in where Ana is talking with Christian on the phone, right? That conversation was so, so important in the book and in the movie it was like it wasn't that important. Dammit, Christian didn't sound broken AT ALL, when indeed he should have been. He asks her if she's leaving him, she answers that indeed she is and then he asks if that amount of money would be enough for her and the child. SHE starts crying and he just says: "TAKE IT ALL!". Damn you, I was waiting that moment.

Another scene would be ALL the conversations that Christian has in the hospital while Ana is coming and going from consciousness. I wanted to hear what Ray had to say too! Then the fact that Kate's brother is a no call, no show drove nuts. The fact that Ray never had a car accident made blow a fuse. I wanted to see worried Christian around Ana. I wanted to see his face dammit. Also, why Taylor and Ms. Jones didn't get it on? Explain, please.

Yes, I am mad, but I loved other things. MUSIC was a freaking A+. All the movies soundtracks were awesome. I know them all by heart and will always be in it for sure. The sceneries were the ones I was hoping for. The cast was great, but there were characters left out, which I hated. The scene that Gia Matteo was shut down was HILARIOUS and PERFECT, but I missed the window scene in where Christian shows Ana the view.

You know, at the end of the day the movies put in my mind faces for characters that I loved and scenery to places that my imagination conjured. I'm sure that whenever I read the books again, it will be a pleasant reminder of the movie... or so I hope. That's my piece.

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