Friday, July 29, 2016

Book Issues [8] - What to Read Next?

I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. I'm trying to post one every two months and as for now, I'm doing good. Let's see at the end of the year how I did. Hope you like reading the following issue...

Book Issue #8 - What to Read Next?

Help, I fell into a reading slump and I don't know how to come out!

I dare to admit that 60 or 75% of the books I read are picked up on a whim. They just jump out of the pile (or from other places) and say "read me now, bitch". The other lower percents are books that I read because I really good recommendations, or because the author or a PR sent me a copy to review it for a blog tour, or even books from my actually TBR pile. So, now you have an idea of all the options I have to read, you understand the fact that I'm always asking myself what the hell to read next.

Like in everything in life, choices are hard to make and even more when you have a lot options. I have talked about my TBR pile before (here), which is a number that might never be below 200 books, so having so many options is really good for me. I am a person that reads depending the mood I am in for. My moods go from something out of this world to something that I can relate as soon as I start reading it. You see, from something totally alien to something of your everyday life. I know, I'm really a weird person.

My other problem is that I do not read everything that appears in front of me. I has to appealed me and be from a genre that I like very much (that is if I'm in a reading slump). I do NOT read horrors (might make exceptions), they just freak the shit out of me. I do NOT read classics, only if they are for classes and sometimes not even for that, not because I don't appreciate them, is just not my cup of tea (I don't even like tea). I don't go to much Indie, but I have to admit that I love a lot of Indie authors, so I make a lot of exceptions with this kind of literature. I am NOT in the mood of big books most of the time, which I hate in myself because I used to love them. I still read books with 600 to 800 pages, but only if I really want to and feel like it. But most of those books get read by me in like 2 or 3 weeks (I'm sorry).

Also, is really hard for me to stick on a list of books to read. I do them, every year, but if you notice really well, I never stick to it. I always take out my list to see what I want to read next, sometimes I pick one and sometimes I say 'fuck it' and chose from other place.

If you are in a reading slump and you don't know what to read to be out of that horrible state... Re-read something you really loved. Something light for you, quick to read, so you know, a favorite. Those are the best reads! I have books that I have re-read more than five times, just because, so really don't let anyone tell you to stop reading the same book over and over again. Just do it.

At the end, when someone ask me what I am going to read next, the answer will always be I don't know. And making him/her the same question would be a better idea to deflect the spot from you. But, really, read whatever the fuck you want.

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