Saturday, July 9, 2016

ARC August... not ready, but coming!

I have seen these things for a while and I started to wonder why wouldn't I participate. I may suck at read-a-thons, but a whole month to read all the books you want? I am totally in. Plus, they have to be ARCs? Whoa, take my money (not literally)!

My dashboard in Netgalley has 26 books that I have yet to read and review. Most of them have been there for a long time (which means that I may not be the perfect person to get accepted for more arcs). I am going to take advantage of this ARC August and try to read at least 12 of them, but let's be real... If I read at least six, I am going to throw a party for myself.

The following books... well, all of them are already out there. I just need to read them and get them out of my never ending tbr pile, thank you very much.



So, that's it. I really, really hope to at least read six of them. I feel so, so behind in my reads these days. I need someone to push me, haha. Anyways, we'll see how this will go in August. See ya!

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