Saturday, July 9, 2016

[Series Review] Chaos MC, by: Kristen Ashley

It has rained a lot since I read these books. If I mixed things up, I am sorry. But I'll try to make a general review more than an individual one. For my sake and yours.

Chaos Motorcycle Club

by: Kristen Ashley
Overall Rate: ★★★★¼

People are supposed to read this series after reading book number four of Dream Man, Motorcycle Man. The main male character in that book is the president of Chaos MC, Tack, and in that book all the characters from this series are introduced. Plus at the end of that book is where the first book of Chaos begin, the story of his daughter, Tabby, and a member from the club, Shy. Then the other stories are connected slowly and perfectly.

What is not to love with KA characters? I mean, all of them are just perfect. The men are what my dreams are made of and the women are just like I want to be when I grow up.

Now, of this book I remember shit. What I remember most was the struggle of Shy. He loved her above all, but the club was in the middle of his happiness. Tabby wanted everything with him, but was scared deep inside. These two were totally romance overboard, that's why I love. Other than that, I remember nothing else. Just bits and pieces.

Lanie, Lanie, Lanie... She just made mistake after mistake and when finally, she founds something worth, she just doesn't want to? WTF. I remember being mad at her a lot for everything she said. I hated that Hop felt conflicted with everything. He is just the sweetest sugar of all and Lanie just kept making mistakes. Finally, the end was magical, just like KA loves to give.

These two were more than perfect. The story. Everything. Joker is and will be my favorite forever. He definitely raised my standards in men. I loved the moments when he and the baby were just like father and son, even though they weren't. Their little family was the best. I hate Clarissa's ex, but then everything was good. I really loved the end.

I cried my eyes out with this book. There was so much pain! But they kind of deserved it because they didn't follow the first advice in any relationship, communication. Still, I cried so much for them. It was a really sad story, but with the perfect happy ending. These two deserve the world after everything they went through. Millie is hands down the strongest female character I have read so far.

Somewhere I read that there was going to be three more books of Chaos, which I am waiting. But I am afraid of the stories that are to come. There's something going on between Black's widow and a member of the club that has my stomach in nuts. Plus, this whole street war might not end in something I would like. I hope to read a book of Tack's son. Those two are my predictions, but if there's another book I don't know of who that would be. I just want everyone happy.

Waiting not so patiently for more KA books.

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