Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book Issues [5] - The TBR Pile

Its been a long while since I post these Book Issues, not because I didn't have anything to talk, but because I didn't have too many time. I have a little time now, so why not use it well. As you may know, I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. Hope you like reading the following issue...
Book Issue #5 - The TBR Pile
​We, bookworms, must confess that there isn't a lot of time to read, but we still want to read all the books we have in our TBR (to-be-read) pile. We must confess that for every book we read, we add three more to the long pile. I must confess that I don't actually know if I'm going to read all the books I have in mine, because sometimes time passes and I don't feel like reading some books anymore. You know, we all have the same issue. We want to lower the pile, but we simply can't.

I currently have 362 books in my TBR pile on goodreads. But, for real, don't count 122 books that have not been release. Sure, I want to read them, but if I don't have them with me... they are not actually in my pile, right? I only own 155 books in real life, and I have only read half of that number or less. I have so many books in my iPad that I don't know why there is any more space left. Now, those 240 books that are out and I want to read have been in that pile for a while. I mean most of them are have been there more than a year and I wonder why. Last year, I read 276 books and that number is bigger than the amount of books I want to read now. Sometimes I wonder if I really read all that, but then goodreads doesn't lie. I hope to read 300 books this year, but with my schedule is simply not possible, but I can try, right?

How to lower the number of books in your TBR pile/list? (in my opinion)
  1. Be truthful. See all the list and ask yourself if you are REALLy gonna read that book or that other. You can put them in a Maybe-TBR-Pile if you just don't want to delete it from the list. But again, be truthful... are you going to read it? If not, please erase it.
  2. Try to read as much as you can from your real bookshelves. If you read them all, then you can't start buying more or you just can not buy more and read as much as you can from your e-reader.
  3. Really try not to add more books to the pile. I mean, is really hard, but we can do it. Whenever you are going to mark it as Want to Read, ask yourself if you REALLY want to read it even if it passes one year on the same list. Will you?
  4. Try to Re-Read less. I'm not telling you NOT to re-read, just do it less. Becuase if you keep re-reading a lot, your pile will never get lower.
  5. Make time to read. Our lives are busy, but a day as 24 hours and sleep is overrated. Read.
I hope to lower my TBR pile to half this year, with the condition of trying not to increase the number. I'm hopeful. You should be too. And if I can't do it this year, there will be a next, right? We'll see.

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