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BLOG TOUR! Review & Giveaway: When I Make You Mine, by: Rae Daniel

When I Make You Mine
(The Richmond Series #1)
by: Rae Daniel

Reeling from a recent break-up, Anne is surprised when she meets Jim, her handsome ER doctor. She’s been burned one too many times before, with the most recent relationship fail happening not even an hour before they meet! Catching her on-again-off-again now definitely-off-again boyfriend with her roommate, in her own living room, was definitely not how she planned on spending her Saturday. She definitely didn’t plan on spending it in the ER either! 

It’s not been Anne’s best day, to say the least! 

Jim’s been looking for ‘The One’ for what seems like forever. His work hours limit his dating life and any women who come into the ER are either drunk out of their minds or are on enough drugs to make rock stars jealous. Getting involved with a patient is the last thing that he wants or needs. 

Until Anne. 

Will Jim and Anne get their happy ever after or does Ben, her best guy friend, have intentions of his own? 

Sometimes, you have to close your eyes and listen to your heart in order to see the future.

my thoughts of the book:

You know, I don't actually know what took my attention of this book. But I was so happy when I received, then read it and knew why I chose to read it. Is one of those books that you know is one of your crew. Do you get me? Like one of those books that you say you can hang out with. So, yeah, I did hang out with this book. It saw all my classrooms!
Doctors have horrible hours, so Jim (from the story) is not an exception. Most people he meets is a patient and is prohibited to go out with them, right? But when Anne comes to the ER, everything goes out the window. Anne throws out his, now, ex-boyfriend and goes directly to the ER because of a terrible cough... everything in one day. Terrible, terrible. Then she sees her doctor and maybe the day got better, but she was so into the meds that she forgot her pants had holes. Oops! These two are such a pair.
I am not going to lie, the book is short. Shorter that I would like, because I really did like the story. I wanted a little more and for it to not be so fast. I love Jim's attitude, but also Anne's. I liked most of the scenes of the whole book, but that epilogue... OH! I LOVE IT. I have a serious fixation with epilogues and I always want more, but I really really liked this one. It made me laugh and say "awww" various times. And after a certain scene I'm sure I will continue the series to read more about other characters.

If you are into something short, funny and full of romance, this is the perfect pick for you. FOR REAL!

Born in the midwest, Rae Daniel has been telling stories her entire life. After earning her degree in History from Old Dominion University, she found her niche in the professional world as an analyst. In her analytical roll, she found that compiling her research into “stories” for her upper management team, gave her the confidence to start to write all the other stories that were running around in her head.

Rae is also the founder of, a romance book review website. Within the first six months of operation she was being asked to write reviews for independent, USA Today, and NY Times best selling romance authors from around the world.

When she is not writing, she is living a charming life in North Carolina with her husband and two kids. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and drinking wine. (PS, not necessarily in that order) :)

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