Wednesday, December 10, 2014

[R] Trashed, by: Jasinda Wilder

Trashed (Stripped #2)
by: Jasinda Wilder

4.5 stars

I’m nobody. I’m an orphan. A janitor. A college student. A virgin. And him? He’s a god. One of the hottest action stars to ever grace the silver screen, huge and muscular and gorgeous and famous. He could have anyone in the world.

Yet, despite the chasm separating my world from his, I find myself in his hotel room, and he’s acting like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. I’m not. He’s everything every woman could ever want, and I’m just…me.


She doesn’t know how sexy she is, and that’s it’s own kind of beauty. But for real, she’s gorgeous. I’ve met some of the hottest women in Hollywood, and none of them can hold a candle to this girl. I want her. And the fact that she’s closed off and impossible to figure out only makes the pursuit that much more intriguing.

The last thing I expect is for one night of pleasure to turn into something I’m unable to forget, even after she’s gone her way and I’ve gone mine. I can’t forget her, no matter how I try. And the next time we run into each other, I know there’s no way I can let her go again. No matter what it takes.

my thoughts

Okay, okay, okay. Let's get this straight. I didn't read any reviews of this book or anything about this book before going into it. I just thought that if it was from Jasinda Wilder it was going to be good and even more if it was in the "Stripped" world. But no. I did like it tho.

This girl is totally different from the last book, like different background, problems, goals, jobs and description. This book is in a different place and spins around a different kind of class(?). Destiny, aka Des, is a lovely and funny character, but sometimes I just wanted to shut her mouth for her to stop talking. In the beginning I was intriged to know how was her and what happened to her, but she just spilled everything in one sitting and I got bored. Adam, the handsome male actor in this story, is very dreamy and so down to earth that I wish to be real and mine. Both make the perfect couple, but (you know) like any typical book/story shit happens and everything gets feet above.

The story was good, it kept me hooked and I wanted to know a little bit more about their future, but that's all. I was very dissapointed that none of the characters of the last book appeared and if they appeared, oops I read that one a long time ago, so I didn't remember all the names. I loved how it end and that's a plus. What I really love was her tattoo, because it really meant something more deeper than anyone can imagine. I like the idea of dividing the quote and putting in different parts of her body. If you want a quick and light read, this is your pick.
"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."

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