Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book to Movie [2]


Book Author: Lauren Oliver
Book Published: February 3th, 2011

Series Director: Rodrigo García
Series Aired: June 20, 2013
You can watch it on Hulu+ here.

Well, I don't know about you, but I was very happy for these books to come alive in real life. I mean, I wished for a movie, but making it a series on TV is great too. I didn't like these books too much, but I did like the idea of the books. Love as a desease? Goddammit, that sells!

Appearently, from what I read, they don't know if there will be more chapters or something. I'm sure as hell I would watch them all if they do them.

Watching the Pilot, which was the first and for now only chapter, was good, almost perfect if it weren't for the changes. I mean, DON'T read this opinion if you don't want spoilers from the series and the book. I hate that the story was too fast foward and they combined the three books in only one chapters. I hate that they changed the story of Lena's parents, like instead of being her mom in jail, it was her dad. DUDE! You don't decide those changes. I hate Hana, but that isn't news, I hate her from the books too. Basically I hate all the changes.

I must admit that the chapter was really good, it didn't bore me and I would like to see more. But *sighs* if wishes were fishes, everyone would fish and eat. Do I recommend it to you to watch? YES! If you watched it... what did you think?

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