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[Series Review] Inside Out, by: Lisa Renee Jones


by: Lisa Renee Jones


Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica, BDSM, Adult
Format: eARCs - Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 1,172


my overall rating

This is how everything is going down. I wrote my thoughts per book, but there are spoilers for the book before that one, so there’s that. I did not read any book of Rebecca’s or even Mark’s because I considered them not relevant to me. So they were a no-go for me.


Well, it got better. I said before, on my review of the first book, that I was really rooting for Chris to do the right thing AND he did. This book was very, very good. The only book in the whole series that I rated five stars. I dislike a little the last page, but it was good because it made me go straight to the next one and that is how a book should finish (sometimes I really hate it because the next book is not out, not the case here).

I also loved that Sara got balls. She is all in and nothing is stopping her. She wants to know what the hell happened to Rebecca, her friend Ella, and what is inside Chris mind so bad that she’ll do and say anything. Atta girl! I also got to really feel uncomfortable with Mark in this book. He isn’t as sincere as he should. Dammit, Mark is for your own good. This book was action packed at the end, so I recommend very much.


Before talking about how good Paris was in this book, I have to say that I really dislike the cover change. I like way better the sexy shots of them (Sara & Chris) than the stupid flowers painted. Sorry, had to say it.

So, yeah, little spoilers ahead. Chris gives a final warning to Sara, come with me to Paris or there is no more us. Sara is a smart girl and went straight to the airport, duh. Let me tell you that Paris is real pretty in the descriptions but the things that happened in here were not easy or pretty for this couple. We got to meet new characters that were crucial for this couple growth. We also have the whole bomb of Rebecca being dead, and for that, I was very sad. It is hinted in several occasions that it was the case, but I was just like Sara… hoping that she was alive and well.

I am very pissed that the whole thing with Ella is not going anywhere in these books. I know that she has her own series, but dammit I was really hung up trying to know more of her. Anyways, Sara also has other problems, like maybe going to prison because she’s a suspect of killing Rebecca. WHAT, right? Totally a good read!


I totally enjoyed way better Chris’ POV. It was said that this book was short, but it gave inside of Chris’ mind and how his thoughts form. I saw his pain, but the love of him for Sara shine brighter than any dark thing that happened in here. I was so pumped for the wedding of these two lovebirds really bad.


If I read this books when they were coming out, I would have to be very mad at how this book ended. It was not a cliffhanger. It was not super sweet. It was not even super bad. It was super AVERAGE. There was no happy ending, we don’t even get a piece of what is going to happen next.

Then I noticed that the next books were about MARK. WTF, people? I do NOT under any circumstance want to read about his story, his new love life or how fuck up he was to ruin Rebecca’s life. I have to admit that I was sad for him because you can see that he was really hurting over Rebecca, but I don’t want to read HIS story. No, thank you.

Later I noticed that if I wanted a happy ending, I had to read a NOVELLA. Not a full book, but a SHORT BOOK of how happy my favorite couple was going to end in this story. Really, this book was good, full of actions and WTF scenes, but the end was so not of my like that I disliked everything.


I cannot dish the fact that the series was really good, but I was hoping this book was going to give me closure, guess again. Why are you giving me a good story just to not end it as good as you started it? Yes, I’m mad.

This book brings a base step for so many other stories of other books of this author, that I got mad. I don’t want snips of other couples, I want the happy ending of this one. If the series would have ended with a bang, then I would be more excited to read the books of the other characters in this series, but no. Now I’m not that pumped because I already know how everything will be going down.


As I said, the beginning was super good, but the story started to fall through the cracks and the end was not as a bang as I was hoping. I still enjoyed reading it, but for now, I think I will steer clear from this author for a while. Peace out.

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