Friday, July 13, 2018

[Series Review] Deanna Madden, by: A.R. Torre


by: A.R. Torre


Genre: Thriller, Dark, Mystery, Romance, Erotica, Adult
Format: Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 1,045


my overall rate

I’m still a little fucked up after reading these books. A week has passed and I can barely digest reading the mind of a killer. Not that she, Deanna Madden, was a bad person like other killers are. Just that her line of thinking makes you see her as a human more than a monster.

Deanna has cruorimania (obsession with murder) and a little of anthropophobia (fear of human interaction. So when she knew everything was going downhill, she became a recluse. She “locked" herself up in an apartment and all the human interaction she has received in three years is through a door and through a webcam. I have to clarify that her door is not locked because she wants people to enter so she can have the reason to kill. The only people who would love to enter are Jeremy, the UPS guy, and Simon, the neighbor that locks her up every night. Let’s say that only one of them can enter without actually being murdered.

She has rules, of course. She cannot leave the apartment, she cannot lure anyone into entering her home, and she cannot under any circumstance kill anyone. Rules that obviously get all broken when one of her internet clients go a little too far and risks the life of an innocent child named Annie. Deanna is not a cruel killer, but let’s say that killing a bad guy cannot be considered a bad thing to do, right? That’s how Deanna’s story of killing starts after the first time she did it.

For a series about a person that is constantly thinking about murdering people, there’s a total number of three people death by her hand, kind of low, if you think about it.

I enjoyed the different POVs, except Marcus. I hated that Jeremy wouldn’t take the things that Deanna said seriously. I hated that Deanna wouldn’t be as truthful with him until the end. And I totally hated that Simon was the one who set them apart, and hence why I disliked the end of book three. There is no way that anyone would like an end like that, but after days soaking it, I accepted it.

It was a short read, the whole series, very perturbing, but perfect enough to keep me going until I detest how it ended. All that said, I really recommend the series. There should be more books, but alas, if wishes were fishes. That’s my piece.

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