Monday, May 1, 2017

[Review] Heaven, by: Alexandra Adornetto

Halo #3


by: Alexandra Adornetto
Release Date: August 22nd, 2012
Read Date: May 2nd, 2017
Format: Paperback
Pages: 448

Only sixteen when she started the series, Ally Adornetto knows how teen hearts beat, and this long-awaited conclusion is certain to be her most popular book yet.

Bethany, an angel sent to Earth, and her mortal boyfriend, Xavier, have been to Hell and back. But now their love will be put to its highest test yet, as they defy Heavenly law and marry. They don't tell Beth's archangel siblings, Gabriel and Ivy, but the angels know soon enough, and punishment comes in a terrifying form: the Sevens, who are rogue angels bent on keeping Beth and Xavier apart, destroying Gabriel and Ivy, and darkening angelic power in the heavens.

The only way Bethany and can elude the Sevens is to hide in the open, and blend in with other mortals their own age. Gabriel and Ivy set them up at college, where they can't reveal their relationship, and where there is still danger around each corner. Will Bethany be called back to Heaven – forever – and face leaving the love of her life?


It's over and I'm crying big fat tears, I swear. I finished this book before falling asleep and I think I dreamed of it all. My mind is still wrap around everything that happened and doesn't get the message that it's over, that it ended.

Three might always be the lucky charm of a lot of people, and certainly is the one of this author. She created this magical and wonderful world and I'm really sad to see it go. I seriously think these books will have a special place in my heart.

These two, Beth and Xav get married and shit hits the fan in the worst way. They are being hunted by Heaven, or well just part of it. Plus, Hades is mad at them after what happened down there in the last book. These two are really, really trying to be together, as in fighting the Sevens no matter what. But they play dirty and it can be what costs their relationship. Damn, this book was good.

I found hilarious the whole thing of let's pretend we are college students to blend in against the Sevens, but more the fact that they had to fake being siblings. I found very scary the fact that he died, came back and Lucifer was in town. I found heart wrenching that Gabe wanted more of his life, but his words were only after a moment of weakness. I found very disturbing that Ivy would put a baby inside someone and then meeting him. I found myself feeling incomplete after reading the last chapter. There is an epilogue missing, I swear. So many things, in my opinion, were left out. But I think my feelings are compromised after the fact that I really want more.

If you really feel like reading something like these books, you should definitely have to do it, like asap.




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