Monday, June 27, 2016

#TreesofReverieReadAThon [Day 3]

TreesofReverie Read-A-Thon
June 25th - July 3rd, 2016 | Host by: Tress of Reverie

Goalread as much I can
Realistic Goal: 2 books
Read Before: 0 books
Read Today: 0 books
Pages Read Before: 444 pages
Pages Read Today: 0 pages
Total Books Read: 0 books
Total Pages Read: 444 pages

○ Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare [page 320]
○ F*ucking Awkward, by Various Authors [page 124]

My book slump attacked again. I read nothing at all! I feel such a failure. I need to read more! Now, the challenge of today:

Spine Poetry!

Prompt: Create a poem using a minimum of three books. There is no maximum. You must use all of the words in the title of the book towards your poem. The poem does not have to rhyme or make sense.

Dangerous Lies Across the Sky are the Breaking Point. Sometimes It Lasts, but Dorothy Must Die Easy with The Assassin's Blade till Hades come.

It looks more like a prophesy than a poem, but oh well, aren't prophecies poetry? Whatever. Let's see if I can read tomorrow to catch up with my challenges.

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