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[Series Review] Twilight, by: Stephenie Meyer

Series Review/Recap of the Twilight Saga
by: Stephenie Meyer

I have to admit that the Twilight Saga was one of my very first books that I read for my own enjoyment and that no one push me to read it. It was back in seventh grade that I started seeing people reading the first book, then in eighth grade started the movie boom and finally, I binge read the whole saga in ninth grade. I was a little bit ashamed for a couple of years because I saw Twilight as the maximum, but then when I started to read more, I became aware that Twilight was not the best. Right now, I still think is not the best, but I appreciate the author writing the saga because without it I wouldn't start reading it and my life without books, right now I wouldn't know what to do.

Back in those days, I didn't even had a computer on my own, so I never thought of making a review. Now, seven years later, I'm still thinking why I haven't written my thoughts and even more that I recently read the new gender swap version of it, which I love more than the original. But is hard to talk about a series that you read seven years ago and that mostly of everything I remember is about the movie, because is more recent. I am doing what I can, so bear it with me.

Things you know, even if you haven't read the books or seen the movies. Twilight is about vampires and werewolves. But let's started from the beginning... The main character, Bella Swan, is "pushed" to go back living with his father, a police officer in Forks, Washington. The changed from Jacksonville to Forks is summer to winter, something that Bella did not enjoyed well. Being the new girl in her new school isn't something that Bella was looking up for, but when this boy named Edward Cullen cross her path, she lost it (almost literally). Skipping all the romance and mysterious parts, Edward and his family are all vampires. Bella got wrapped up in all their fantasy, until she becomes quite a sweet dessert for a vampire, James.

The thing about Twilight is that the real plot isn't really questioned until the last book. I have always been a person that sees beyond what is written. And my whole question in the first book was whether Bella was going to be transform in a vampire or not. The time to really decide that question was at the end when she is almost dying after giving birth a half-vampire and the decision wasn't hers, but Edward's. I think that everything would have end in one book, but then I wouldn't have met so many characters that were perfect, like Benjamin and others that appear in the last book.

What I most hated about Twilight was the love triangle, and I think that my hate for that one is what caused me to hate them all for then on. I hated that Bella played with Jacob. Be true to yourself, reader of Twilight, Bella did played with him because she always knew that she loved Jacob for a friend and not a lover. That's what I basically hate of love triangles. If you know that you are so hung up with one person, do not try to move on with another one, that's rude and hurtful for everything, including me that I am reading you. Stay romantically away from other people if you know that you still love another one. Please, authors, stop making love triangles a fashion more than it is already.

The end of the whole series was bittersweet, because from when I started to read, I have always wanted more than just an epilogue that everyone lived happily ever after. I really wanted to see how everything with Renesmee turned out and just seeing a vision from Alice did not cut it for me. I am always greedy when it comes to the ending. I want to actually see them happy... but in a future, like years later!

The gender swap book was BETTER than the original, because ten years later authors change and Stephenie changed for good. If you have never read the original Twilight, do not start now, well, do not read it ever. But do read Life and Death, that book is perfect in comparison with the original. Everything is so better constructed, written, and the end was so much better. Did not left untied things and everything was so perfect that I cannot say anything more. Beau was such a better narrator than Bella, and Edith was better constructed than Edward that I fell in love with them almost instantly. In such way, that writing this review is making want to re-read it (and I might).

Twilight was such a good experience back then, but I'm totally sure that I will never read it again (except the gender swap version). The saga is one that I have never recommend, except if you really loved the movies then you should read the books because is better insight is what really was happening in the movies.

Overall, Twilight is something that right now I do not regret reading it back then. Even though so many people think is trash, those books open a wonderful world for me and I will never know how to repay the author of such gift. This is a series that will be always in my heart, but I will never re-read or recommend. I may buy copies to my daughter when they get of age, but that's it.

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