Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Book Issues [7] - Never Ending Series

I created this to basically ramble about any problem related to books that I have and that maybe you do too. I'm trying to post one every two months and as for now, I'm doing good. Let's see at the end of the year how I did. Hope you like reading the following issue...
Book Issue #7 - Never Ending Series
I'm sorry, authors, but I'm going to criticize your work.

I think that every author has this wonderful dream of making the perfect novel and the biggest dream is the perfect series. I mean, I really believe that JK Rowling did dreamed of making Harry Potter as famous as it is now. I think that some authors have dreams like that. I understand you and I'm not judging you for that. BUT if you started a series, please for the love of heavens, finish it ASAP.

Admit it, author, you like cash and that's my biggest critique to all of those authors that haven't finish their long series and your books keep coming because of the cash you receive. Same example can be brought to TV series, but I'm not going there. But, I have to admit that some long series are worth it. Every book in those series are indispensable in the story of the main characters.

Let's put the example of some trilogies that are around. The first book is so so good, that everyone is biting their nails waiting for the next book. Then the second book is trash and everyone gets a little down because of it, but the end of that book gets so good that left you wanting to read the next, and possibly, last book. The third book gets you all riled up because it did not end how you would like, it didn't contain what they promised you it was going to have and maybe they killed characters you loved a lot. Months later, you noticed that they are going to release a couple of short stories of this series you loved and maybe a year later there will another be another book coming out. So... You see a pattern? I'm sure some series did came to your mind and it is a practice that I'm starting to hate.

I understand that some readers love a lot some authors' books and they keep asking for them for more books, but authors have to understand that more is never good. Like in everything less is actually more. Books should open our minds and not give us the real answers of what we are supposed to discover by ourselves.

Authors, if you are stretching your series because you want cash or because people keep asking for more, stop. Write another series, make new characters and just finish the series.

What do you think?

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