Sunday, June 26, 2016

#TreesofReverieReadAThon [Day 2]

TreesofReverie Read-A-Thon
June 25th - July 3rd, 2016 | Host by: Tress of Reverie

Goalread as much I can
Realistic Goal: 2 books
Read Before: 0 books
Read Today: 0 books
Pages Read Before: 162 pages
Pages Read Today: 282 pages
Total Books Read: 0 books
Total Pages Read: 444 pages

○ Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare [page 320]
○ F*cking Awkward, by Various Authors [page 124]

As I said before, I'm in such a book slump that is hard to get out. I need to read more! Now, the challenge of today:

If you liked this… You should try this…

Prompt: Recommend a book based on another book.
If you liked _____, the you should try ______, because...

Because even though I hate to compare books, they look very alike. In the Hunger Games, everything was game after game after game... well, in the Testing is the same, but tests (which some look much a lot like a game). They also have some sort of arena, so it definitely will click some things in your mind. It was a good read. Plus, is a trilogy too!
This is a hard challenge, okay? I cannot think of anything more, sorry. Let's see how good or bad I do this week. I still hope for everything to come up better than expected.

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