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[Series Review] Rock Chick, by: Kristen Ashley

Summer's still going on, and I'm not doing any reviews (did some, but not too many). I'm being shit trying to lower my number of reviews I gotta do, so its going up up like flames. My challenges are suffering too because I'm not reading the books I should, I'm reading the books I feel like to and that's not good news. Whatver, here is a series review of books that I love and now that they are done, I miss them. Kristen Ashley is a really good author.
by: Kristen Ashley

Rock on! After reading the Dream Man series (which I haven't yet reviewed), the next in the list of Kristen Ashley books were Rock Chick. I gotta say that these books are looong (big ass long), kind of repetitive, full of alpha males, but I love every second of them.
“I don’t get a taste of you soon, I’m givin’ up the search and takin’ you to my cabin in Grand Lake. No phones, no cell coverage, no buzzer. Anyone knocks on the door and I’m shooting them.”
That's our first alpha male, Lee Nightingale. Basically that is what every male to his female whenever they were interrupted while doing the business. Lee is basically a commando, that owns an office that gives PI services of all kinds. Between the white world (cops, police) and the black world (drugs, pimps and such), he and his crew are totally grey. They work by their own rules, doing what they think is the best. When Indy Savage gets herself in trouble, Lee introduces himself in it, to keep her safe. Secrets came to life and love gets in between. These two were made one for the other and just like that it ended.
“It was like the Justice League of Super Heroes but instead it was the Justice League of Hot Guys.”
We were introduced to a whole bunch of people that it was hard to keep track of them in just the first book, but then it became easier. The reader gets to comprehend every little detail of each of the books and the author doesn't leave any loose ties, and if she does, the next book solve it. In the first book we are introduced to Lee and Indy (obviously, because they are the main characters), but also their family. Lee's siblings are Hank (which is the main character of book three) and Ally (which is the main character of the last book and the only short story), who is also the best friend since forever of Indy. Lee and Indy have known each other for a long while, but they have always "denied" what they feel for each other until they couldn't anymore. It was a good play.

Now, the closest friends of Lee are Eddie Chavez and Darious Tucker. The second book of the series is about Eddie. Yes, he is hispanic and he is a cop, same as Hank. But instead of being one of the white world, he is gray because his best friend Darious is a drug dealer (his story will be explain later). He was kind of in love with Indy, until he wasn't and became of the likes of Jet McAlister, a new waitress of Indy's bookstore and café. But she also have "another life". At night she is a waitress in a titty-bar because she needs to help her mother about having a seizure. Her dad is one of the fuck-up and introduces her into a life she didn't want to be part of, but she is a good daughter, tries to help and gets stuck in dirt. Now, Eddie gets him hands dirty to help her, thanks that he is a cop and can do it. This one too was a great play.
“Chiquita, women spend a lot of time sittin’ around bitchin’ that there are no good men out there. I hate to tell you this, but there aren’t a lot of good women either. The difference is, when a man sees one, he knows it. Then, he goes after her and wears her down until she’s his. Then, if he’s any man at all, he won’t let her go.” 
Once again, we are introduced to a whole lot of people because Eddie's family is big and Jet's mother became of the likes of Tex McMillan (the new crazy barista of Indy's bookstore and café). We are introduced to a new drug dealer and pimp called Marcus Sloan, because his wife (Daisy Sloan, more like Dolly Parton twin sister) became one of the Rock Chicks.
“It was like someone in a suit walked up to me and gave me a certificate, which stated “Roxanne Giselle Logan, Your Life is Fucked”.”
Then we get to know that Tex has siblings and a niece that writes to him every month but has never met him. Her name is Roxie Logan and now she is the one with problems. She left his now ex-boyfriend because he was abusive and he was in dirty business, that problem follows her. She came straight to Tex, but Hank sees her first and that is basically love at first sight. Hank Nightingale is a straight narrow cop that even though he knows things around (like Darius and Marcus), he doesn't do much about that because of respect, but if the time comes he was going to act about it. The play is simple, Hank likes Roxie, but she brings so much baggage that he needs to sort it out first and then act upon his likes. Roxie wants to feel safe with Hank, but doesn't want to bring anyone any more problems. Both stubborn they keep doing what they think is the best, until things get bad and then all good. What a ride, right?
“I figured the Nightingale Investigations job application form had the question "Are you hot? Yes. No. If you answered no, please exit the building.”
Book four was unexpected, because I never thought that it was Vance Crowe's turn (one of Lee's
commando, he is the bounty hunter). At the end of book three we get to know Jules Lawler as the chick who comes right in front of Fortnum's and vandalizes a car of a drug dealer and then goes in a run, which Vance follows her. Now, Jules known as The Law is a social worker with a double life. Sweet as a pie, but full of power and want to take justice in her hands. She knows what she is doing and she kick ass! But problems follows her around, right? Well, Vance is right there and so is Luke Stark (another commando) to help her. You see even though that on the outside Law is tough as nails, on the inside is totally soft (and a virgin, which was rare among the Rock Chicks). This was the first favorite of this series, because she didn't exactly needed help, she could kick ass and she received bullets for that.
“The best way to guard your heart was to trust a good man to take care of it for you.”
At this point of the series, we know things about each one of the characters and we are only introduce to a handful of characters in every book because, well, family. In book four we see more into Luke's life and the end of it, we meet Ava Barlow. She was looking for him to help her, but when she saw
what a problem in her ass that would be... she back out, but Luke already had her in his sight. This time around, Ava's problem is becaus of his best friend Sissy Vitto. We are introduced to the Vitto clan, which is another group of drug dealers and such. Dominic Vitto is Sissy's husband, and lets say that he doesn't treat her well, so Ava comes in the middle of them trying to help his friend... bad choice. Ava and Luke know each other, just like Lee and Indy, from a long while. They both had a crush in each other since they would remember, but Ava had self-esteem problems and Luke had family problems which led him away from her, until now. Ava cannot believe that Luke wants her and what he must do is show her how much he wants her. Good book!

The Vitto clan includes those two (Dominic and Sissy), but also includes Renzo, aka Ren, and Uncle Vitto (plus his wife that doesn't show much). Remember then, because they will keep showing.
“I can’t be the star in your sky when you’re the only star left shining in mine.”
Then, there is another twists in the order and the story became of Kai "Mace" Mason and Stella Gunn. He got really deep and dark secrets that no matter how much Stella tried to suface in the past, their relationship got screwed up. Yes, they were a couple before, but now that Stella became one of
the Rock Chicks, trouble follows her and the shinning armor knight now is Mace. Stella is actually a real Rock Chick in all its meaning, because well, the sings... rock 'n' roll. Fate reunites Mace and Stella and where fire was ashes still are or something like that says. This wasn't exactly one of my favorites in the series, but it got this awesome epilogue. We see a little bit of our Rock Chicks future. We see the next two couples of the next books, happy and with children. Gosh, I freakin' love that epilogue.
“You want to see fast, we’l go into the bedroom and I’l show you fast but I’l show it to you slow.” 
Book seven is for... wait for it, Eddie's brother, Hector Chavez. I didn't tell, but all the spanish references (words and phrases) were the it for me. My main language is spanish, but someone like him speaking me both languages at the same time is totally hawt! Our new girl is Sadie Townsend or better known as Ice Princess. Let's get a re-cap! Hector worked with the DEA and he was an uncover working for Sadie's father, a drug dealer. Sadie actually help Hector recopiling info to take down his father. When he went down, they got distanced. But when she asked for his help, to be safe because the new people that wanted her father old empire, well, let's say that did not want her in a good way. Lee, and Hector, denied this help and she almost got whacked. They rape her, beat her and harm her very badly. After that, Hector swore to protect her no matter what and no
matter if now she didn't want it, plus he swore revenge against those brothers that torture her.
“Life!' Vito exploded, making me jump. "Up and down, good and bad, birth and death, celebration and devastation. If you got any balls at all, you roll with the punches and get the fuck on with it, pardon my French” 
You see, I LOVED Hector's book. We see a really good change in Sadie and we can actually feel all the love inside of Hector towards Sadie. Like I said I freakin' LOVED this book and I will totally treasure it. In this book we see some action between Ally Nightingale and Ren Zano, which leads us to the next book.

The Rock Series is in the end and jezz, the book its l-o-n-g. Ally is now into the family business, PI services, which leads her to a whole lot of problems. First, none of her brothers want that kind of life for her. Second, Ren doesn't want that life for her. So, what she decides? To hide all her work and do it all in. Darius Tucker, being one of the best friends and almost brother that he is for her, helps her out. Ren notices all her work, but doesn't do anything, until she enters in real danger, he complains and Ally send him a good-bye it hurts me to let you go, but this is my life. So Ren must back up two steps and support her, but her family isn't that ready for it yet.
“You seem to have an aversion to the mall.” His answer to that was, “Do I have a dick?” I felt my lips curl up and I replied , “Yes, baby. You have a dick.” “Then, yeah. I got an aversion to the mall.”
Again, you see, Ally's book was the perfect ending. Because Ally is just as kick-ass as Jules and she cara to Ally. That's it! Nothing more and, man, I was pissed, becuase I love italian a fuck lot.
doesn't give in on anything that Ren boss of her. I loved how everything was played, I loved how it end and obviously, loved the epilogue and the short story (Rock Chick Redux). What I must complain about this book is that Ren is italian-american and there is not even one word in italian. Nothing sweet of him talking in italian to Ally or anything at all. There IS only one word in italian and it was Uncle Vitto calling

Oh, and I must admit that Jane acting as Kristen Ashley was a good play. Writing these books and all, that was good. Also, I must admit that in almost all the books the same thing repeat, like the kidnappings, the drive-bys and all the boys saying what the girls must do. But that is how I liked it and not changing any of it. So, bottom line... I loved these books. They were the greatest rides. Yes, they were long, but the best. If you want romance, action and happy endings, read these books. You'll totally enjoy them.
“Because, no matter how old we get, we always need to believe in fairytales.”

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