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[Series Review] Forbidden Men, by: Linda Kage

As I said before, I'm very behind writing reviews and it costing me to really writting them. So I thought about reviewing a whole series instead of book by book. I have sort of good memory, but when you read a series between three or five sittings its tough to remember which scene is from which book. So, lets say that I will keep it simple, but that doesn't mean it will not contain spoilers. Brace yourselves, the following series I'm going to review has a total of six books, but the six isn't out yet and I already read and review the third book (weird, I know).

by: Linda Kage

I don't know about the authors intention or anything else, but I get this feeling that the first book she wrote in this series... well, that she didn't thought in making it a series. You don't see any references to future characters at all or anything about nothing at all. You get me? So, after Price of a Kiss (the first book), comes the real series in which you see all the chracters from the future books, except book number six (a mystery that I will talk later). They are Forbidden Men, because two reasons: they work at a club/bar called Forbidden and they are kind of forbidden to love. But exactly how their stories continue is the lovely thing.

“If you love someone enough, you can make them invincible. Like your feelings for them are so strong they work as a magical shield, protecting them from all harm and pain.”
Price of a Kiss (Book 1)

Mason Lowe is a gigolo, a whore, someone you pay for sex and nothing more. That is what he has been for some years after their lady landlord told him that he wouldn't sleep with her, then they were going to pack their bags and leave her house. Desesperate he accepts and it changes his life so on. Reese Randall, or how people call her now, is running from a psycho that thinks if that he cannot love her then no one will, so she moves with her cousin and enrolls in her university and there she meets Mason. It wasn't love at first sight, but it sure was attraction in both ways. Mason wasn't taugh to love one girl and he wasn't sure what to do with he was feeling for Reece, but there was something he was sure, his life change once again and this time may be for good. But when feelings and secrets began to be discover, happy can be seen at the end of the road.

“You. Are. Mine … I don’t care how wrong we are for each other. I don’t care that I’ll never be good enough for you or that we’re risking everything to be together. Your mother would never approve. Whatever. Fuck it all. You are fucking mine. And I’m yours. And we belong together.” 
To Professor, with Love (Book 2)

Aspen Kavanagh and Noel Gamble are from very diferent worlds, you know not from the same circle... let me be clear, she is the professor and he is the student, period. There isn't much, their love is for real forbidden. But nothing can be done, because Karma is a bitch and it fucks you right where it hurts. Noel has a poor background, meaning that everything he does is for a better future for his siblings which are still stuck with their absent mother. Aspen is the only child in a family that doesn't really support her, never have gave her love, so when Noel gives her a little bit of the only thing he can offer, is hard to deny the imposible. Shit hits the fan when they are discover, but loves keep it all together and that is the best. What I really LOVED about this book is all its quotes, like all the literary quotes from books I have read and of books that I haven't. I love them all!

“Sometimes, it’s the little things we do that mean the most to others.”
— With Every Heartbeat (Book 4)

Quinn Hamilton is the shy boy, the virgin boy (until he wasn't anymore), and definitely the one that everyone wants to be love by. Zoey Blakeland is Quinn's same coin, but girl. They are basically the one for the other, they are attrach to each other and may have been in love at first sight. BUT, because there is always a but. Cora. She is Quinn's girlfriend and Zoey's best friend from long long time. Quinn thinks that he loves Cora, but he also has strong feelings for Zoey. Zoey feels those exact things for Quinn, but she cannot stole her friend's boyfriend because basically she is dying. Cora the Whora, as Ten calls her, is that. She lives like today is her last day and doesn't care about herself, less about the people that love her. After shit hits the fan, and hard. Quinn and Zoey fall right in place, just like it must have been from the beginning.

“Let me get this straight. You argued with some girl and pulled her hair during sex? Wow. What are you? Five?”

“No,” I muttered, growing more irritated than ever. “I’m Ten.”
— A Perfect Ten (Book 5)

Oren Tenning (aka Ten) is the number one character in the series, so when it comes to his book, it must be perfect and let me tell you that it was. And of course, his soulmate must be (and is) Caroline Gamble. Yes, she is Noel's sister, so can actually see the problem here very clear. Noel said to Ten that he must back off from Caroline and he followed the "advice" instead of his feelings. But Caroline had other plans. She wanted Ten, badly and she was going to do anything to have him. For not to spoiled all the fun of how they hook up, because they finally did and yes, Noel found out and all. They really live happily ever after. Just like in To Professor, with Love, in this book there were a lot of quotes, but instead from books they were from movies. Now, that was good.

“Why do people say ‘grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”
— To Professor, with Love (Book 2)

You see, I really really like the series, but what left me thinking hard was the epilogue of Ten's book. Not the part where everyone is happy and established family, babies, jobs, a house and so on. It was the part that there is a new character called Knox Parker. He has a happy ending from what we can gather in the epilogue (and there isn't a name for her parthner), but we don't KNOW him. I thought a LOT and search and everything, but I came up with nothing. What I can suspect is that because Ten and Caroline went to California because his job, then it left a vacant in Forbidden, meaning that someone must take it and maybe that someone is Knox. But then I don't know which girl was left out! Ugh. I wished that Archer (the singer in the band) had a book too, because he was part of Ten's epilogue and we saw him from book three to five, so why can't he have a book too? Just whatever. I'm happy with what I read and I loved them all.

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