Saturday, October 26, 2013

[R] Tempting the Billionaire, by: Jessica Lemmon

Tempting the Billionaire
(Love in the Balance #1)
by: Jessica Lemmon



Crickitt Day needs a job . . . any job. After her husband walks out on her, she's determined to re-build her life and establish a new career. When swoon-worthy billionaire Shane August hires her as his assistant, she jumps at the chance to prove herself. Despite her growing attraction to her boss, she vows to keep things strictly professional. No flirting. No kissing. Definitely no falling in love...

Shane August is all business, all the time. He's a self-made man who's poured his heart and soul into his company, and he'd never allow himself to get involved with an employee. Then he hires sweet, sexy Crickitt-and he can't keep his mind or his hands off her. But no matter how much he wants Crickitt, Shane fears that painful secrets from his past will always come between them. With fate working against them, can these two lonely hearts learn that sometimes mixing business with pleasure is the perfect merger?

Uhm… let’s see. Not my favorite book, but totally a good read. I laughed a lot and love some moments. In general, it was an ok book. I find the story quite short and without much character development, but I like them though. I recommend the book to someone who is really bored and don’t have anything more to read.

The story of Shane August and Crickitt Day is not what I am used to, neither her name. I was wondering why named your daughter like a bug? Poor girl. Still, the life of Shane before Crickitt was very fucked-up and kind of continue, but not that much. Crickitt changed him, in a good way. In the other hand, Crickitt life was “perfect” until her husband stop loving her and they got divorced. When Crickitt meet Shane, her world changed upside down, to good too.

They totally fit, but they keep denying their mutual attraction. Hell! The whole book they were in an on-off relationship and I really hate that. So many indecision, God! There was a point that they did know they loved each other, but couldn’t say the words. So stupid of them!
“If I love Crickitt, why are we apart?”
Applause for our friend Shane! Finally, when his airplane is almost crashing and he is about to die, he realize this. Two weeks knowing that he really love Crickitt and his last thought before “dying” is why he is apart from her. Hello! Because you want to, stupid guy.
“Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.”
I really want to smack Crickitt so hard at this part. Girl, he almost die and his last lucid thought was you. He waited in your porch until you arrive from shopping. He gave you a gift you wanted. He tell you that he loves you and you still think that what its happening isn’t real.

At end everything went well, but I wished to know more about them. And about other characters, like Aiden and Sadie relationship. They didn’t appear too much in the book, but I kind of got interested in their lives. I think that I will see in the next books.

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