Monday, October 28, 2013

[R] Bared by Him, by: Red Garnier

Bared by Him
(The Billionaire's Club #5)
by: Red Garnier


Cade West may be richer than Midas but not even his vast wealth could save his young wife. Cade didn’t just grieve her loss; he was furious. What good is money if it can’t fix…everything? So when the utterly beautiful Ivy Summers boldly walks into his office asking him to donate to her cancer research foundation, he can’t decide whether to throw her out or wrap her up in his arms and never let go. All Cade knows is that he’s caught her scent and he has no intention of letting her walk out his door—even if he has to pay for the privilege. He makes Ivy an offer she can’t refuse: A game of strip poker for two million dollars. She can pretend all she wants, but Cade has awakened dark passions within her from the first time she saw him. Yes, he’s dark and tortured by his past. But if Ivy has the chance to have this man, all bets are off…

Holy Shit! That's it? Like, this is the end of everything? *LE CRIES* Being the last book of the series... this book doesn't disappoint! I swear that I read it in two hours and just two breaks. I love it, love it, love it! In general, I loved all the books, but this one is MY NUMBER ONE!

Cade West, now was your turn. We saw how all the billionaires fell for their women, and you will not be an exception. Your package arrived and it's no less than Ivy Summers. A sweet and sexy woman who rocked your world by just locking eyes. I always thought that Cade was going to be a tough one, because of his background. From what we read in the previous books, we knew that he marry a girl called Laura and two months later she died. All his friends didn't touch that theme, because he was like a living corpse. But from the first time he locked eyes with Ivy, everything change. He came alive, just because of her and for her.

Ivy Summers is a sweet woman who suffered her mom's death because of cancer. After that she found a Breast Cancer Foundation to help those woman who can't pay their chemo and all. When the foundation need more donations, she goes and knocks Cade's door, because he is rich! At the beginning, he didn't even look at her, which made her furious and yell at him. The instant their eyes locked... Everything went to hell and back. An instant connection was made and nothing, no even her cancer, could separate them.

It's a sweet and heartbreaking story. Because Cade suffered his wife dead because of cancer. When he finally tries again, falls in love with Ivy and discovered that she is sick, his world crumble once again.
"Luke Preston once said that billionaires didn't cry. But for the second time in his life, this one did."
My heart was in a million pieces after this line. I couldn't think anything better to happen, but the author make me happy later. After Ivy get out of the surgery, the doctor says that her cancer was no where, that somehow it disappeared. Ivy thinks that it the cancer went out of system because she fell in love with Cade. That is such a cute thought! Love conquers all, why not cancer?

The best thing was Cade reaction. Because no matter how heartbroken he was, he stood there for her. Love her with her cancer and without it too. I just love him so much! READ THIS FUCKING BOOK, and series, NOW!

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