Monday, January 2, 2017

[Series Review] Calendar Girl, by: Audrey Carlan


Author: Audrey Carlan
Publish Dates: from January 15th, 2015 to December 29th, 2015
Read Dates: from December 29th, 2016 to January 2nd, 2017


I was very very surprised to understand at the end of the first book that this series was not going to be one of a bunch of stand alones, it was actually a series following the girl's year as an escort (not a whore, mind clear that out). I had this kind of idea that every book was going to be about a different girl that was working as an escort, but it was only Mia's life. It was surprising, almost annoying because I really wanted Mia with Wes from the beginning.

When Alec came along, it was not that bad at all. I love French and actually reading it was delicious. He was always the perfect French man and so much an artist that it was not that hard to fall in love with him. Wes was always going to be the number one, though.

Then Tony and Hector came in the third book. In the back of my mind, I knew something like what happened in this book was going to occur, but never expected that soon. Plus, it was very very sweet to read it. Wes appearing out of nowhere just to see her was the best part yet. Made me fall in love for him even more.

Mason & Rachel. Mason is the usual sports player guy that every girls swoons and he is very easy to comply with sex. Until someone finally puts him in his spot, that girl being Mia. Mia showed him that he loved Rachel and that Rachel was in love with him. Mia have this thing of knowing who is what to who. Mason was the perfect character in that moment, until I read about Tai.

Tai is aka-perfection, but very stick to his culture. He and Mia understood that they were only going to last a month and did everything to enjoy it, but her heart was somewhere else and his heart belong to someone out there. That one being Amy. The last thing that Mia could do for his new friend, now almost brother, was to hook him up to find his forever.

Warren was the next client, who had a son called Aaron and that his lover, Kathleen, was also the housekeeping woman. Warren's cause to help people was a very good one and Mia loved to help. But Mia had other plans, like hooking up Warren and Kathleen to become an actual couple no matter what Aaron said. Aaron had other plans for Mia, which were destroyed after Mason almost broke his face and then Tai came to heal up Mia. Love these boys, but hated that Mia didn't called Wes.

Latin Lov-ah came next, Anton, and Heather (his manager and BFF). After Mia being wrongfully treated by Aaron, she couldn't even hug another men other than Wes (yey for me, sucks for her). But, Anton, as a good Puerto Rican (you know, from where I am from) taught her to be fine again. Anton was good, but not perfect. Damn, authors, if you are going to write something in another language please have all your translations set, just saying. Otherwise, everything was cool.

Max, oh, Max. He was the totally plot twist. Something you would never expected in this series. Her long lost brother. From August on, Mia stops being an escort because so many shit hit the fan that really... what more? Only for you to find if you read the books. *winks*

Really, the end was a very good one. I am sad to see them go, but happy that everything came out as I wanted. I am even more than happy. I was in need of something this happy. I recommend them, plus, they are super short.


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