Monday, January 2, 2017

Book To Movie [5]


[poem - movie]

Author: Tim Burton
Published: unknown

Director: Henry Selik
Released: October 29, 1993

You might think that this movie did not come from a book and you are right, it came from a poem written from the one and only, Tim Burton. Poem, titled same as the movie, was the inspiration of the movie. If you have read the poem, you obviously know that the movie has more things, details, characters and plot.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I totally recommend it to anyone, but if you have not please read the poem first. The poem is very lovely, but then when you watch the movie, is mindblowing and even lovelier. The poem only has a few characters (Jack, Santa, Zero and a few others that have not name and mentioned briefly) and it’s solely about Jack taking Christmas in his hands and making it his. The movie goes in deeper, exploring emotions and adding a lot more of characters (even a “villain”), but the best addition is Sally. In the movie, Sally represents everything that Jack doesn’t have and desperately needs.

The movie being in Stop Motion makes everything better. Makes it look creepier and a little bit scarier, which is mostly how the poem makes you feel. What I like even more in the movie is that it has a very happy ending, when in the poem we only have an ending.

If you ever have the opportunity after watching the movie, please search for the soundtrack of it and hear the Epilogue. It’s perfect! Jack will always be mischievous, but it shows how happy he is in his kingdom, Halloweentown.

Jack is so lovely, you know, what's not to love?

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