Friday, January 6, 2017

[Review] The Darkest Hour, by: Maya Banks

KGI #1


by: Maya Banks
Release Date: September 7th, 2010
Read Date: January 4th to 6th, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 304

Intelligence: high. Body: hard. Mission: what no one else can do. 

It's been a year since ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly saw his wife Rachel alive. Now he's received an anonymous phone call claiming Rachel is alive. To find her, Ethan will have to dodge bullets, cross a jungle, and risk falling captive to a deadly drug cartel that threatens his own demise.


As I said before, I kind of loathe second-chance (s-c) romance books and this one is not the exception. I dislike every scene between Ethan and Rachel, until the end where everything is happy and I am happy. What I loved most of this book was the other scenes. All the brothers. The parents. KGI. Rusty. Everything else was much better than the romance and main plot was. As much as I loathe s-c romances, some are worth the read for future references, like this one. I could not read this one and follow the series, because I was going to miss much.

I might be influencing this review because of my dislike of s-c romance, but the truth is that it was a good book. The romance was very beautiful and pure. Ethan is the best and Rachel is, well, Rachel. Like always I broke down a little in some parts, but got up at the end with such a beautiful end. Maya Banks makes this beautiful stories that wraps you up and love every bit of it.

I am very sure that this book is only the very tip of the iceberg. That this series has more and better. That these brothers are going to rock my world and wish to have one of them for me (I want Garrett). I understand that the beginning might not have been my cup of tea, but it does not mean you would not like it. I am giving this book four stars by the only fact that everything surrounding the main story was brilliant and perfect. I hope there isn't more s-c books in this series.


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