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[Series Review] Cut & Run, by: Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux


by: Abigail Roux & Madeleine Urban
Read Date: June 4th to June 8th, 2018
Format: ebook
Total amount of pages: 3,817

Books Being Review Here:
Cut & Run, Sticks & Stones, Fish & Chips, Divide & Conquer, Armed & Dangerous, Dine & Dash, Stars & Stripes, Shake & Bake, Touch & Geaux, Shock & Awe, Ball & Chain, Crash & Burn, and Part & Parcel.


Here I am, trying to review one of the most amazing, perfect series I have read yet in this year (2018). It will be hard for me not to compare this series to whatever series I read after this one. Before starting Cut & Run, I was looking for something to catch my attention enough to forget the boredom of not having anything to do and I found it in these books. I had heard of these books before (nothing much, just I had seen their covers and stuff around in GoodReads), and I even downloaded the first one a couple of years ago, but never started it. I was a fool, for sure, because now I know better.

It is not a secret that I love mysteries to be solved. I love to read books about things that need solving, like a murder, and got that over and over again in every book in this series. When you throw in the romance that this series brings, you just made the perfect recipe to keep my attention in EVERY SINGLE PAGE. These books made me laugh more than I should, they made me cry a thousand tears and sometimes I was so mad at some of the characters that I wanted to reach inside and hit them. These books give you emotion from page one to the last one.

In the beginning, I have to admit, that I was kind of a little lost. I couldn't find where was the romance in the book (which my mind changed halfway into the book). The murders kept me going. I wanted to know what the hell was happening. When everything fell into place, I was already hooked up. I couldn't let go. I read from page to page not stopping until I reach the last page of the WHOLE series. I'm sad to see them go, but I am totally happy with how everything concluded and that I read it.

I loved that every book was set in a different place. From Texas to Scotland, the "adventures" of B. Tyler Grady and Zane Z. Garrett were the best ones that I have read so far. So, I'm going to try to say my thoughts on the places and some characters after this:

New York City - Well, I loved the mysteries in it and all, but it wasn't until I was a hundred pages in that I actually noticed that the first book was located in NYC. I never felt that I was in that city, so there's nothing much that I can say about it.

West Virginia - I loved Ty's family so much. I loved knowing more about him in his nature. I loved all the descriptions about the scenery and of course, the crimes. Even though they were off duty, the mystery draws me in. So, yeah, I really liked that the second book was a little bit more focused on Ty because it makes you see what is in his mind.

Caribbean - Let me say that I squeak, which is a very weird sound coming from me when I saw the name of my country (Puerto Rico) in this book. That aside, I was thrill with the whole "we are undercover and going to pretend to be a married couple, which we kind of are already" thing. The cruise around the Caribbean wasn't as detailed in description, but those deep emotional scenes between Ty and Zane were freaking perfection.

Baltimore - I know this location is where most of the time all the books start and then they get shipped off to wherever the actual action is, but I enjoyed the boys in their element. They live here, together, so it was sweet. Also, the cliffhanger at the end of this book (number four) was horrible. I hated every single second that I didn't know what was really happening.

Chicago - Let's not talk about this place. Is not that I didn't like it, is just tied to characters that I did not enjoy, aka Julian and Cameron.

Texas - Now, this might be my favorite setting in the whole series and not just because I live in the state. I totally enjoyed Zane in his natural habitat. I loved his father and sister, not the mom, never the mom. I couldn't laugh more at the whole Tiger situation because I couldn't breathe. Even though everything that happened here was not all good, I loved the peace that brought the guys, even when the heat was very close to burning their lives (aka the last book).

New Orleans - Okay, this setting broke my heart in a freaking million pieces and made me cry so much that I was scared because I couldn't stop. Everything that happened here made my heart ache so much for Ty, but I hated that Zane and the others felt so betrayed. Secrets are not good in any relationship, doesn't matter if is a sentimental one or a friendship, secrets destroy. I will never think about this place and not remember the heartache this book (number seven) made me feel.

Colorado - I swear that this place has a lot of memories for me. Not because I have been there, which I have never touched the state, but for other books. Now I have the memories of Kelly describing the mountains and the view from his window. I have the memories of the squad laughing and being as tender as they can be.

Scotland - Damn, I was afraid for the boys. The whole situation of being in a desolated and "cursed" island was horrible enough until murders kept happening left and right. Also, a little spoiler, someone kind of important died here and I couldn't move on for a few chapter, or, hell, till the next book that I understood everything.

Miami - Never being there, but I know the place is hot and you can take that however you like, but after reading the last book, hot doesn't sound as good as you might think. Zane spent so much time in this city and all his stories were not good, so coming back to this place made my heart ache for him. Also, my boys were in so much danger that I was very afraid of his lives. I thought for sure I was going to lose some of them, it was horrible.

Special Agent B. Tyler Grady - or as everyone calls him, Ty. The Sidewinder boys call him Six, which I kind of liked, but he would always say "I'm not your Six anymore". He was a tough cookie to bite. Reading from his POV was hard because his thoughts weren't as ... I am missing the word here. It just that he didn't let you know much of his deep dark secrets unless asked and even then he wouldn't let them out easily.

Special Agent Zane Z. Garrett - I loved him. Even though Ty was my favorite, Zane has a special part in my heart too. He was as brave as Tyler. He would fight for what he thinks/knows is right. And he would love Tyler as much as Tyler would love him. My heart aches for everything he suffered in the past and what still torments him.

Detective Nicholas O'Flaherty - or as everyone calls him, Irish or Nick, and even O. He won my heart after a while. I kind of disliked him the first few times I read about him, but then he was as perfect as Ty. I loved how everything came together so he could be happy. And I really enjoyed how he was the main character in Eli's letters on Part & Parcel. He was and still is the glue of the whole Sidewinder boys and I love him for it.

Kelly Abbott - or as everyone calls him, Doc. Unless you are Nick, then call him Kels. It was weird to see his name and not think about a woman. I was very confused the first few times whenever he showed up. I loved him because he would fess up about everyone. He was the medic in the group! He would have a smile for anyone that needed it and was super supportive of all the boys in their craziness.

Richard Burns - or Dick as the Grady family calls him, which is very foreshadowing of the kind of person he actually is. I don't even remember his title in the DC bureau office. I just know that I was disappointed in how everything went down for this character. I was so fond of him and then BAM! he is a DICK. An ASSHOLE. Someone who didn't deserve one tear from me. You know what, Dick? BURN!

Special Agent Eli Sanchez - I understand that there is not a direct contact with him in the books because he died before even the first book started, which is sad. But reading his letter to Nick and the boys made me feel closer to him. Everyone in the squad was as lost as he was, making them do one more trip to remember how good they are to each other made me appreciate Eli a lot.

Overall, character-wise, I was to give the kudos to the Grady family for being the MVP in Zane's life when he most needed it, even the shovel. I cannot not mention Zane's father for being as supportive as Chester Grady, Ty's grandpa. The rest of the Sidewinder guys (Owen and Digger) deserve more than the medals that they already have. I have to admit that I hated characters like Liam Bell and Julian whats-his-last-name, they contribute to the story but I still hated that they were there.

Ty & Zane - this one was the main attraction. As I said before, I couldn't see them together in the beginning until they were actually together and everything made sense. I was mad at them for being so stubborn and not committing to what they were thinking. But after all the ups and downs, these two got what they deserved and I couldn't be happier.

Nick & Kelly - this one came out of nowhere. I was caught off guard when this actually happened. But I was so happy for them. I loved reading about them and just as Ty & Zane's, I couldn't be happier for their happy end.

Ty & Nick - I envied their friendship in the beginning. It was so rock and steady. Full of loyalty. But when shit hit the fan, all that went to shit and IT HURT like a motherfucker. I hated seeing how something so pure and lovely was going to be destroyed because of the damn secrets that Ty was keeping. But I was so relieved when they got over it. It was hard for them and it was hard for me to read, but everything came out better than expect it.

the Sidewinder boys - I want a squad like this without being in the military service, for sure. A group so tight that you would ask one of them to kill a person and they would do it without making questions. I hated that they got knocked down a lot, but as many times they hit the floor as many times they would rise up and fight as a team.


I think I have never written a review as long as this one is. But I need everyone to be assured that this series is the shit and it needs to be read by everyone that loves mystery with romance. This series is high class. Is more than five stars. It needs to be read by everyone that reads this review, so buy them and READ THEM. Peace out.

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