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#ReviewsInFewWords [9]

Now, this is the type of post in where I type short reviews of books that I read a long time ago or books that I forgot to review once I was finished with them. I got a long list of books, so I will divide into different posts and post them once in a while. Anyways, I might not remember much of them, but how they made me feel will always stay within myself, right? I hope so because here goes nothing.

Is no secret that KA is my number one favorite author. What I cannot explain is how I have read so many of her books and I have yet to review most of them. Edition 1.0 of her reviews are here for you to read and 2.0, well you are reading it right now.



Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 1,585


The Dream Man series were the books that popped my KA cherry. From there out I had to read all her books, I still am in the mission of it but overall I'm doing a good job. Of this series I have to admit that my favorite was Motorcycle Man because other than my love for Tack and his MC, it opened the world of MC for me and I'm grateful. No other MC is as Chaos, but the journey is one that I like.

Anyways, every book in this series tore my heart open just to be healed in the perfect ending like KA write them. Law Man & Wild Man were super duper good because cops are humans too. They love, they suffer, but above all they protect. And who wouldn't swoon when someone like Mitch or Brock are trying to solve all your problems? Don't forget Tack too, dammit, even though he ain't part of the cops, he is as good as them. I loved how much Mitch love the kids even though they were not his, how overprotective but lovable was Brock with his woman, and of course how Tack would do anything for Red.

Talking about the woman, hands down Red is the most badass of them. Having the balls to command as much as Tack does is not an easy task, and for her, it was a walk in the park. If you loved Motorcycle Man as much as I loved it, then you should read Chaos MC series because their story has a happy ending, but the MC continues and for now, things are complicated... but go read some happy endings before shit hits the fan.



Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 3,572


The Burg' was a series that I really thought I was not going to finish. Not because it was bad or anything, but because I thought it was not going to have an end, so reading the last book was very bittersweet. I enjoyed every single book from front page to end page. I love how the stories got together in the coolest ways. I was overjoyed to see characters from other series of KA in here, although for a brief second, but still.

Of all the books in the series, I don't think I have a favorite because all of them were very good. I do think that maybe The Promise might the winner, just because of the whole Italian thing going on and I have a thing for accents. But I also enjoyed the whole thing of some of the main male characters being cops because I have to admit it started to be a thing in me from that point on. I wasn't thrilled for the second-chance romance in the series because they always tear my heart apart just to be glued together and I'm not a sucker for punishment. But the author is KA so I would read anything of her, for reals.

This series was extremely good. I'm sad to see it go, but I was happy to read it.


Publication Date: April 8th, 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 409


So, Three Wishes opened this window of fantasy words that KA writes for me. The book is not all happy per say because almost anything that does happen can be real. The whole genie thing is the not real thing, otherwise, everything was very contemporary.

As I said above, I'm not a sucker for second-chance romance. It always, always makes me want to cry and is very hard to explain to anyone watching me why the hell I am crying, right? The book is not a second-chance romance per say, but it deals with misunderstanding, the main characters love being divided just to be reunited years later and try to build what was broken. The whole thing with the genie was more hilarious and it brought a lot of memories of when I was a child watching Aladdin. Hell, who wouldn't want to have three wishes from a genie? Overall, I enjoyed the book as any other KA book.



Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 1,710


After reading that first fantasy book of KA for me, I had to keep going and the next one in line was The Three. Reading the first book in the series, I was beyond confused. I didn't know what the hell I was into and I couldn't comprehend where the story was going. Halfway through the book, I could understand more or less what was happening and my heart stopped hammering so much.

Again, I don't think I have a favorite book in the series, but if I had to pick I would choose the second because werewolves are something that I'm really into. I really remember not liking much the third, but the ending is so good that it made everything better. Overall, I don't remember much. There was a prophesy that I couldn't understand, but the romances were too good to not rate as good as I did.



Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Romance
Format: Kindle Edition
Total of Pages: 2,186


Now, to finish this post, Fantasyland was the best fantasy series of KA so far. The books were long, damn, they were, but also they were as good too. I devoured book after book and even waited a couple of years until the last book was released to actually be happy.

Of all these books, The Golden Dynasty has to be my favorite of them all. I still remember most of it as if I read it yesterday. I have to admit that in the beginning, it was quite perturbing, but then I fell so much in love with Dax. I understand that the whole another language was quite confusing, but thanks to that are why I loved the book so much. Kudos, also, for Wildest Dreams (which reminds me of the Taylor Swift song) because the book was the one who introduced me to the whole Fantasyland world. All the men in these books were seriously brought from a fantasy land, I swear. Can I have one of these? Maybe Dax? Because damn.

I loved the language how the fantasy world characters, it was so proper that I just loved it. I loved how much both worlds clash with each other, but how good they mixed too. So far, best fantasy series of KA as I said before. I wish she could write more fantasy romance because I would love to read more. Alas, I'm loving too much her contemporary romance to whine.

Overall, overall... all of KA books are way beyond any description of how good they can be. I recommend her books hands down, blind and without reason. That's my piece.

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