Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Three Classics That I Read And Weren't Too Boring


by: Stephen Crane

I am taking this class called "Juvenile Delinquency in Literature and Film in the 19th Century USA", that as you can see in the name, is about JDs and Maggie is one of them. This was the first novel assigned for the class it was better than I expected. You see, classics bore me to dead, so finding out that this book went better than expected gave me hope for future classic books.

The book was relatively short and quick to read. The characters weren't that good, because the period of time and all the crime they are involved, but it was eye opening. Maggie might have been considered a JD, but no one blame her. Who is to blame? Society, the biggest antagonist to any character. You can't fight society and even if you do, is a lost war. I felt sorry for Maggie.


by: JD Salinger

Since reading Maggie wasn't that bad, I read this one too. Let me tell you something, it was not a bad book at all. BUT. It was one of those books that you are only read because you want to know the end, but you really don't see the point in it. I never understood what was the whole point of him telling his story. It was heroic, it wasn't a total criminal and certainly it wasn't a big deal. I did not hate it at all, but I spend a lot of time trying to get the main character and I got nothing out of him.

The book was a little bigger than Maggie, but quickly too. My book has this odor of old book that I didn't actually enjoy much, but still read. The book present so many contradictions that drives anyone nuts. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't read it again.


by: Sylvia Plath

I have read poems from Sylvia Plath before, so I had hope that her book wasn't going to be bad at all. I was right. I was hooked enough to keep reading it, but the thing I dislike the most was the end. It doesn't actually tell us nothing. We are left hanging and no idea whatsoever of how it continues, at least me.

Esther was a really strange character. She wanted to fit in everywhere, but at the same time she wanted to be different to everyone. She hated the thought of society deciding what should she do or not, what would she become or not. Her depression, in my opinion, is what some people struggle everyday... the not knowing what do in the future, the wanting to do something but not being enough and the uncertainty of everything. I really hope that in that final interview everything would be okay.

Those are the classics that didn't bore me to death. All of them for literature classes. Coming soon two more classics that I have hopes that aren't boring too. Wish me luck!

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