Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why ARC August sucked!?

I am a sad excuse of blogger. Or maybe life is too tough for me and is not letting me be a good blogger. Let's blame others instead of me, okay? XD

Back in July, I really wanted to come out my reading slump and now that August already past by, I am very down. I haven't read much at all (stuff for school doesn't not count, yet). I want to read, but I don't have the time or the best attention to actually read a book. This semester I am very full of schoolwork and work, persé, and I just can't. That makes me very sad and down, because I feel like I need that part of me that I can't have because life.

So, all that is why my ARC August sucked. BUT I did read an ARC. It was not in my TBR pile and it sort of appeared out of nowhere. I read it in three hours and its review will be up tomorrow with the Blog Tour. My wrap-up is only this book:

That's it. I hope your wrap-up is better than mine. I look forward for me to read more.

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