Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[R] Skinny, by: Ibi Kaslik

by: Ibi Kaslik


Do you ever get hungry? Too hungry to eat?

Holly’s older sister, Giselle, is self-destructing. Haunted by her love-deprived relationship with her late father, this once strong role model and medical student, is gripped by anorexia. Holly, a track star, struggles to keep her own life in balance while coping with the mental and physical deterioration of her beloved sister. Together, they can feel themselves slipping and are holding on for dear life.

This honest look at the special bond between sisters is told from the perspective of both girls, as they alternate narrating each chapter. Gritty and often wryly funny, Skinny explores family relationships, love, pain, and the hunger for acceptance that drives all of us.

my thoughts when I finished the book

I finish this book and I'm not sure what do I think about it. It was straight reality, crude and very painfully to read. I wouldn't read it again. I couldn't understand all and even less, the end. I'm telling it isn't good for your mental health (if you know what's good for you).

my thoughs these days

You know what? After a few weeks thinking about his book... I'm thinking that it wasn't that bad. It was bad, oh yeah, but not over the top. It had an impact on me, and that's art. I didn't understood or like the end, but I remembered. I hated so many things of the book, yet, it still on my mind. How is that even possible? I remembered details that even my friends ask why would I still know that if I didn't like the book that much. My answer is simple, I don't freaking know. I may not read it again, but it will be on my mind for a while.

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