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[Series Review] On Dublin Street, by: Samantha Young


by: Samantha Young
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

overall rating

Once upon a time, I bought the first book of this series on a bargain sale, put it on my bookshelf and never looked at it again. Until recently, this series was always on the back burner. I was looking for something to read and get my mind away from other matters (aka reality) and I picked On Dublin Street. I have no regrets at all.


Publication Date: December 31st, 2012
Read Date: March 17th, 2018
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336


Jocelyn "Joss" Butler is a wonderful character. Full of secrets and treating everyone at arm's length. She doesn't want anyone to close to her, but when the Carmichael family digs in, there's no other way to run to. Joss needs to find a flatmate and Ellie was the perfect one. But Ellie has a brother that makes Joss' skin tingle, the good way. She really wants to stay away from him, but Braden Carmichael has other plans.

He wipes out an arrangement. Their chemistry is off charts, so why not take advantage of it? They become friends with benefits, but Braden's plans are to infiltrate himself more and more in Joss' life until she gives in. Joss wants to run, so bad, but Braden and Ellie are basically the best that has happened in her life, so the decision is tough.

Yes, the chemistry is off that charts. Yes, Joss was frustrating to read because I just wanted to knock some sense into her. Yes, I fell in love with Braden as fast as he did for Joss. Yes, sometimes Braden was stubborn too. Yes, I love all this book that I'm still trying to overcome the whole series hangover. Yes, I recommend you to read this first because you will not stop here, you will continue the series until you finish.


Publication Date: May 7th, 2013
Read Date: March 17th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 384


I was so taken aback when I noticed that this book was about Johanna "Jo" Walker. She was such a secondary character in the first book, so I never thought she was going to be the main in this book. But I still loved it.

What everyone thinks of Jo is that she is a whore, slut or prostitute. She basically dates rich men to support her crumbling family. What they don't know is that she works her ass off for her family. Two jobs, back to back. She is practically raising her little brother, Cole. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father is a no-show since before Cole can remember. When fate decides to play in her life, Cameron "Cam" MacCabe swoops in out of nowhere. He moves to the flat under her and finds himself helping her in whatever she needs because he is truer to his feelings for her and she for him. Sounds familiar, right?

Jo is a fighter and I really loved that about her. She doesn't like to accept help from others because she wants to do it herself, but she knows when to ask for help. Cam is a giver. He might not be rich as all Jo's exes, but he gives anything he has to make Jo and Cole happy. It is a giver that I loved this book as much as the first one.


Publication Date: January 7th, 2014
Read Date: March 18th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 432


Olivia was a character that appeared out of nowhere, but with good reasons. I don't want to spoiler much from the second book, but let's say that Jo has a lot to do with Olivia appearing in Scotland. Now, Nate was a secondary character in the book before this one. He is Cam's best friend. We see these two interact quite a lot in the book before, so it was kind of obvious that this one was about them.

Nate is a manwhore. Said by himself and his friends. He doesn't want to settle, he has suffered much before so he really doesn't need a relationship. Then Olivia came to Scotland. An American chick that knows all of Nate's quirks. Someone that Nate can geek with. Someone that Nate connects to a deeper level. Olivia is man-shy. She suffered her mom's sickness and death, and now she wants to live life but does not know how. Nate is there for her, step by step. These two connected so much that when Nate noticed that things were starting to be more than a friendship, he cut it off. The biggest mistake he could ever make. Now, he has to romance again Olivia. He got his head out of his ass and is ready to be everything that Olivia needs.

Nate was a character created after my own heart. I swear. I'm an Olivia and I need my Nate. I understood all the references and I geek with them. I also would love someone to love me as much as Nate loves Olivia. Getting our own head out of our ass to make happy someone that deserves it is hard. So I applaud Nate. And Olivia has the guts to give a second chance and that is also not easy. I really loved this book (something that you will keep hearing in every little review of every book in this series).


Publication Date: December 3rd, 2013
Read Date: March 17th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 97 pages


This was a cute short story of our very first couple, Joss & Braden. This is short chapters of their life after their book. We can read about the wedding, the honeymoon and the first few weeks as a married couple.

There's a phrase that goes something like this: Love, marriage, then the baby carriage. So, getting pregnant after the wedding might not have been Joss' wonderful plan, but it happened so she has to put on her big girl panties on. I have to say that Braden's reaction was not my favorite one, but as much as Joss needs to grow up, so does he. But growing up together is way much better.

I was really glad at the end of this little short novella. You'll love it if you read the first book in this series.


Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014
Read Date: March 28th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 352


Oh my! I cried. I cried with Hannah and Marco's story. I felt their pain at a deeper level and I was so damn happy to read their happy ending and how good everything was going in the next books.

If you read the books before this one, then you might know how everything started with these two. What you didn't know what the fallout. Once upon a time love found his way into India Place, but it was not the correct moment and everything went to shit. After years, Hannah and Marco didn't have a good end. Until fate came in and they run into each other and India Place comes to the surface again. Marco has to erase the horrible fallout and draw a new happy one for Hannah. But, can Hannah let go of that moment? Is seriously sad.

I have to admit that the plot twist of Marco's story could be seen from a mile away, but the plot twist in Hannah's story was not. I suffered for Hannah. Hiding a big secret as this one was something not easy. I applaud these two to man-up and made their own story and not letting the past get in the way. I also have to say that I love Cole in this book. I read about him like I never did in Jo's book. Is different to read about him from the POV of a sister than a best friend. Also, kudos to Marco. Becuase his American accent was as sexier as the Scotland ones from the other male main characters, which I seriously fell in love with.

It is weird to see characters grow up in a series and then reading about their own stories in their own books. Watching them in the background to surface as beautiful creatures. I loved this book and I knew for a fact that I was going to love the next one because it was Cole's.


Publication Date: October 7th, 2014
Read Date: March 18th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 331


Cole, Cole. He is the perfect good guy that actually looks like a bad boy. I was waiting for his story since he showed up in Jo's book. I knew that all that awful/wonderful childhood was going to shape a perfect man. BUT I am very mad that it was not in his POV. Seriously? I was looking up to read a POV from a man and you didn't give it to me? I was disappointed about that, but not about the story. Shannon was not like any other of the girls, but it was a fiery redhead and I identified myself with her.

Years ago, Shannon and Cole ran into each other. They forgot about each other until fate makes them face each other again. At this point, Shannon swore off from bad boys, which is what she thinks Cole is. A tattoed guy that has a look that might kill. She opens her mouth and judged Cole by his cover, but we knew better. Shannon did what Nate did in his book. She took her head out of her ass and confront the perfect of what Cole is. But of course, there were speed bumps in the way, but love is always the hero.

We are also introduced to the character of the next book. Logan, Shannon's brother, and first savior. I was thrilled to know his book was going to be a thing. I seriously was in love with Cole, but I wanted Logan.


Publication Date: February 11th, 2015
Read Date: March 19th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 88


Six short stories of Valentine's day of all our favorite couples. There's so much sweet in this little book that chocolates were not needed. I appreciate that this book was made and if you read all these books then this one is a most.


Publication Date: June 2nd, 2015
Read Date: March 21st, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 351


We needed this book... well, I needed this book. Logan is a fucking hero and I wanted his end to be happy. He saved Shannon, so he deserved a happiness as big as hers. He never thought that being released from prison was going to be better than when he got in. Fate had something very good for him stored. That's when his Grace comes in.

We all know about being the best neighbor's. We read Jo and Cam's story. But this story was on another level. These two didn't stand each other. He was living his life as fullest because he spent two years of his life in prison so he needed to catch up. Grace was trying to find peace, but her loud neighbor wouldn't let her. These two characters clash in not pretty ways. But when a fifteen-year-old girl appears out of nowhere in Logan's doorstep saying that is his daughter, Grace becomes the voice of reason and repairs everything that is broken. Grace's ways become everything that Logan needs, but he needs to figure that out alone.

I loved that Grace was a character that used her reason instead of her feelings and assumptions. I loved that if there was a problem, she would scrutinize it and then going to the direct source to confirm what is actually going on. I hated that Logan wouldn't think like her, but these two were perfect to each other, so the solution would always come. And with this book the series ended, it was so sad to see it go, but I was so happy with how everything came up to be.


Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Read Date: March 22nd, 2018
Format: ebook
Pages: 158


If you read the first book, do you remember Craig? In the second book, we are told that he just quit and took off. We didn't get more info. Now, this novella is about him. What happened to him. What made him quit and took off.

Like Nate, Craig was a manwhore, but then he met Rain. Rain had a plan. Craig was not part of that plan and the guy was all over her because... voilá, he fell in love with her. There's more to this story and I don't want to spoiler.

I liked the story, but it was too short and out of nowhere. I needed to read this novella after the second book. I wanted a good epilogue. I wanted a glimpse into the future. Craig was a good mate. I wanted more of him.


Publication Date: March 28th, 2017
Read Date: March 22th, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 139


If you are curious about this book. Right now I'm telling you that this book is not worth it. I didn't actually hate it, but I certainly did not love it. This book is a what if. What if so-and-so didn't happen? What if? What if?

Something I hate to think is about what-ifs, so this book was not for me. If you hate what ifs as I do, steer clear from this book. BUT if you really wanted to know the what if, then, by all means, read the book. The end is still happy, so that's why I didn't hate it. I'm just warning you.

I have to add in this portion that I did not read Ellie and Adam's book/novella because I felt like I didn't need it. I'm sure is super sweet and all, but from the background of the first book I could see their happy ending, so I didn't want to actually read it. Sorry.

I loved the series, okay? I really don't know what I should say. I really recommend it because the romance is really good, but the stories are way better.

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