Sunday, December 27, 2015

Goals Met & Failures [2015 Book Challenges Wrap-Up]

You ALL know that I went very cray-cray-crazy with all the book reading challenges (which 2016 will be no exception, but in a lower scale). The thing is college was hard this year and some challenges were met, overpassed or flat failure. Check this out!

Dytopia Reading Challenge 2015
hosted by Cornerfolds

Status: FAILED!
Goal set: 24 books
Goal met: 14 books

I'm sorry, but dystopia wasn't for me this year. I will totally try next year, tho.

2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge
hosted by Evie Bookish

Goal set: 150+ books
Goal met: over 250 books + rereads

I'm VERY proud of this challenge. I knew I would do it, but it was kind of hard with everything I had in my life going on. Still, doing the happy dance.

2015 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

Status: FAILED!
Goal set: 26 letters/books
Goal met: 25 letters/books

I'm ANGRY. Becuase this challenges becomes harder every year! This time around, the worst letter to fill was X. UGH!

2015 Contemporary Challenge
hosted by The Book Belles

Goal set: 26 books
Goal met: 28 books

I almost didn't make it and I still wondering if the books I read fit in this challenge. But still, completed.

2015 Montly Key Word Reading Challenge
hosted by Bookmark to Blog

Status: FAILED!
Goal set: 12 words/books
Goal met: 10 words/books

I was SO close, but so far at the same time that is not even funny. So, yes, I failed... moving on.

365 Days of YA Reading Challenge

Status: FAILED!
Goal set: 56 books
Goal met: 29 books

Can we NOT talk about this? Thank you.

2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Status: FAILED!
Goal set: 47 books
Goal met: 36 books

I knew I was going to failed, because some point weren't for me. BUT I tried.

SO YEAH! I only completed TWO challenges and failed the others and failed as a blogger, because well time. I will totally try to get better next year. Hopefully! So... did you completed challenges?

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