I have to say that due to some changes in my life recently, I might not post for a long while. I have not read in some time and adulting life is catching up with me now that I graduated. I promise that soon I will find a pace and start to blog again. For now, everything that is being posted was scheduled from a long time ago. See ya!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

StS [11]

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews, which is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. You can read more about the creation of this meme by visiting the official launch page here.
July 11, 2015 to November 7, 2015

DAMMMN! I haven't made one of these posts in LOOONG time, right? Guess that is time to catch up. I didn't like making these every week, I swore that I was not going to let pass months to post one of these, but I guess that I didn't think that my classes were going to be so exahusting. Jezz! I haven't read much as I would love to, so the list is that long.

not in order!

 At Peace, by Kristen Ashley
 Golden Trail, by Kristen Ashley
 Games of the Heart, by Kristen Ashley
 The Promise, by Kristen Ashley
 Play It Safe, by Kristen Ashley
 The Will, by Kristen Ashley
 Soaring, by Kristen Ashley
 Heaven and Hell, by Kristen Ashley
 Three Wishes, by Kristen Ashley
 Own the Wind, by Kristen Ashley
 Fire Inside, by Kristen Ashley
 Ride Steady, by Kristen Ashley
 Until the Sun Falls from the Sky, by Kristen Ashley
 With Everything I Am, by Kristen Ashley
 Wild and Free, by Kristen Ashley
 Knight, by Kristen Ashley
 Creed, by Kristen Ashley
 Raid, by Kristen Ashley
 Deacon, by Kristen Ashley
 Wildest Dreams, by Kristen Ashley
 The Golden Dysnasty, by Kristen Ashley
 Fantastical, by Kristen Ashley
Broken Dove, by Kristen Ashley 
Penmort Castle, by Kristen Ashley 
#Selfie, by Cambria Hebert 
#Poser, by Cambria Hebert 
Him, by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy 
Cast Off, by KC Burn 
Pale Kings and Princes, by Cassandra Clare 
Bitter of Tongue, by Cassandra Clare 
The Fiery Trial, by Cassandra Clare 
Born to Endless Night, by Cassandra Clare 
Priest, by Sierra Simone 
Rise Part One, by Deborah Bladon 
Storm, by Nina Levine 
A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare 
As You Like It, by William Shakespeare 
Hamlet, by William Shakespeare 


 Hold On, by Kristen Ashley
 Walk Through Fire, by Kristen Ashley
 Angels Twice Descending, by Cassandra Clare
 Rise Part Two, by Deborah Bladon
 Rise Part Three, by Deborah Bladon
 Henry VI, Part I, by William Shakespeare
 Troilus and Cressida, by William Shakespeare
 Worth It, by Linda Kage
 Magnus Chase BOOK 1, by Rick Riordan
 Library of Souls, by Ransom Riggs

FINALLY... done! It wasn't that long, right?

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