Monday, December 18, 2017

#AMONTHOFFAVES : December 18th

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Every day is a different "challenge" and I hope to do them all. *crossing my fingers*
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I Love... December

December is my second favorite month of the year. And like any other holiday, I love to decorate for it. This year I'm working in an elementary school, so decorations is a must (plus, I am a colorful person). I decored my library very, I don't know, different. Everything goes together, but not.

First of all, I have snow-books puns because I am like that. Everything is blue with snowflakes falling because I love snow even though I have never seen it in real life. I have some book characters like Clifford, Pete the Cat, Snoopy and the Grinch.

Even though everything looks kind of crooked if you are near enough, it looks good, kids love it and I'm fine with it. Is not like I have all the time to do all this. Other things that you can't see are a Christmas tree that I made in a wall and in the other wall an Olaf saying "I love warm hugs".

Guys, this Grinch was not easy to make, but kids love it anyways. And that's basically the decorations that I'm proud of. My mom is proud of an ugly sweater she made for me, but is so ugly that I am not adding a picture here.

Do you love December?

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